About Us

Welcome to NorthCraft Leather. We're happy to see you!

My name is Justin. I am first and foremost a husband and father. My family is my main drive to live my life according to my personal values: integrity, honesty, diligence and mastery. Naturally these personal values transfer into my business: 

  • Integrity: What is promised is what is delivered.
  • Honesty: Transparency in all practices and policies
  • Diligence: Making sure you, the customer, is always satisfied.
  • Mastery: Always striving to prefect my skills and create the best products.


Leather working started as a hobby. I borrowed a book from the library and after many failed attempts taught myself to make a leather sheathe for a knife I got for my birthday. 

After that project I was left with scraps of material, of which I made some wallets and other little accessories. My loved ones were impressed and convinced me to try and sell some of my projects, so I began the process of starting NorthCraft Leather out of my home in Edmonton, Canada.

 As a consumer, quality is important to me, and I believe if you're reading this, it is important to you too . Over the years I have leaned through experience, whether it was tools or electronics, if you buy cheap, plan to buy twice. So as a leather worker I carry over the same philosophy; care and attention are paid to each piece that I make, because I want you to have the best, and I want it to last. 


Thank you for taking the time to learn about NorthCraft Leather.